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Welcome to the Ravne North America

Mechanical presses or eccentric presses are most common sheet metal forming presses (machines) in automotive industry. Mechanical presses are mostly used for production of inner and outer body parts of road transport vehicles. The force of most commonly used presses in automotive industry is from 1.000 to 25.000 kN. In Litostroj RAVNE we produce presses up to 40.000 kN of force.

Mechanical presses are mostly part of completely automated production line set-up, where production material is successively fed in the press, through the press and out of the press, many times also using support devices that wash, lubricate, move or somehow make the production possible and contribute to the production of specific (semi)product.

Litostroj RAVNE is an expert for production of custom made mechanical presses for automotive industry, where we implement innovative optimal solutions and upgrades to design and produce superior pressing production equipment. The equipment is provided according to highest standards of automotive industry. Buyers and users of Litostroj RAVNE presses and press lines make profit by using advantages of custom made mechanical presses RAVNE – high productivity and efficiency, constancy and reliability, rigidity and stability. RAVNE presses can be (by themselves or as part of a production line set-up) “optimized for a part”.

Litostroj RAVNE mechanical presses have high references; they are used all over the world and are present in all automotive industry supplier levels.