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Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic presses are presses where the force is produced with hydraulic cylinder installed in the crown of the press. The number of hydraulic cylinders in the hydraulic press depends mostly on size of the slide and the table. In many cases a hydraulic cylinder(s) is (are) installed in the table of the press to be used as cushion draw.

Hydraulic presses equipped with cushion draw are perfect for deep drawing, sintering, forging and similar technologies of sheet and steel metal forming.

The cushion draw on hydraulic sheet metal forming presses is mostly used for counter-holding of sheet metal and also for ejecting of a part, but the ejecting of part with cushion draw is most commonly used on forging hydraulic presses, though.

The advantages of hydraulic presses compared to the mechanical presses are:

1. Hydraulic presses can be very flexible at slide stroke speed and length programming (the same for cushion draw). Cylinder performance will easily follow different press technology parameters.

2. Because of the hydraulic press flexibility dies with different heights (not only width and length) can be used without additional compensation equipment.

3. The maximum nominal force, which depends on the maximum permissible oil pressure, is constant regardless of the slide position (UTP/ BDP).

4. OVERLOAD PROTECTON – the press is protected with a safety switch to prevent exceeding of maximum press force capacity. Working force can be set below the maximum press capacity to protect the die working with, or for any other reason.

5. QUIETNESS - hydraulic presses are relatively quiet during performance.

6. Direction of performance – without any significant influence on the price at innovative engineering, the hydraulic cylinder can be installed to work in any direction necessary.

In product portfolio of Litostroj RAVNE, specific hydraulic press can produce strokes with nominal force value ranging from 10000–30000 kN.

Hydraulic presses of Litostroj RAVNE are well known about their quality, rigidity and long life durability. Litostroj RAVNE offers standard and custom made hydraulic presses